James Cinclair

 Intuitive Strategist
“When the doors of perception are cleansed, I see things as they are: infinite.” — William Blake
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About James

Intuitive Strategist    |   Modern Clairvoyant

James has always had a view toward the future, if not for the sake of his work, then definitely as a fascination. His work is a unique combination of writing, art, technology, systems design, and the integration of indigenous spiritual principles into modern life.

James is an intuitive strategist, modern clairvoyant, technologist and futurist.  His unique and direct approach continues to be enthusiastically received by many people worldwide.

James grew up in a large and creative family. His father was artistic, mechanically inventive, and inspired, continually repurposing everything into something new and magical. In many ways, it was like living in a children’s book.

James’ earliest memories were of feeling and sensing other people’s unspoken stories in detail: past, present, and future.  At first, he thought this was a normal part of everyone’s experience.

Throughout his life, James has traveled extensively with indigenous spiritual healers and medicine men and women from various parts of the world, observing their work, and documenting the effects on the lives of the thousands of people who experienced them. At first skeptical, James’ observations and personal experiences helped forge a strong belief in miracles as an ordinary everyday experience.

James has worked with many clients across the globe, from ordinary to prominent individuals, small businesses to large corporations, including Microsoft and Amazon, and charitable agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

When not busy with his primary work or somewhere off in his imagination, James spends his time writing, traveling, and collaborating with other thinkers and doers.

Fun fact:

James studied television production in the UK under the tutelage of Stan Parkinson, a pioneering producer-director for BBC Light Entertainment who helped launch The Top of the Pops at Dickenson Road, Manchester, and produced many iconic 1960s and 70s programs.


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