What People Are Saying

“He has exceptional ability, expertise in many different areas, and a timeless wisdom. His instincts are absolutely precise.

Dame Brenda Brett

Knights Templar, London, UK

“ …thorough and completely spellbinding!”
C. W.

Chicago Board of Trade

“His keen perceptions for more than a decade have greatly helped me to make major decisions and facilitated my healing on a deep and profound level.”
T. K. Gandhi

Founder, Making Peace Profitable, New York

…continues to be a trusted and invaluable resource for me and for my friends and colleagues.

Daniel Cho

Businessman, Hong Kong

“…a prophet from the future with a wonderful mind, a warm heart, and a keen sense of humor!

Rama Jyoti Vernon

Yoga pioneer, co-founder of Yoga Journal, author, citizen diplomat

“…Like your imaginary childhood friend who got a Ph.D. in everything and showed up at your door, suddenly, to help you. Amazing!”

R. S.

Television actress, Beverly Hills, California

“…both accurate and intelligent: a visionary.”
Peter Caddy

Co-Founder, Findhorn Community, Scotland

“ …unlike anyone I have ever worked with, especially his incredible precision, accuracy, and knowledge, all of which flows effortlessly and with a generous heart.”
Saito K.

Entrepreneur, Sensei, Tokyo, Japan

…an inspiring, evolutionary vision that is on the growing edge of all of our work.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Celebrated Futurist, Author and Speaker

Referred by a dear friend, I am delighted with the results. Insight is best when it comes with love and vision. He has both.

M. C.

Writer/Producer, New York