On-demand priority access to James.
An intuitive strategist who earnestly cares: your confidential silent partner guiding the way.
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Passport™ is our most popular and convenient service; designed for callers who want direct priority access: usually the same day and often within an hour — from almost anywhere in the world.

Confirmation.  Clarity.  Caring.

This is a special window into your life situation that is available on-demand. It empowers you with critical information about your past, present and future, re-calibrating continually as you or those around you make important decisions and changes.


Imagine if you had continual access to an intuitive strategist who earnestly cares about your success and happiness…

  • Someone with both helicopter vision and microscopic remote viewing capability.

  • Available on-demand from almost anywhere in the world (if you have a cell phone you have access).

  • Your “silent partner” (no one around you has to know about it) affords you a strategic edge.

  • Always completely confidential and private.

 Features and Benefits:

  • Priority ease-of-access to James during times and days not available to others – for as little or as much as needed.*

  • Call, text,  email or book online to arrange appointments or on-demand call-back consultations — designed for when you need access right away.  Direct access to James.

  • Usually same day availability for a callback. Here to support you.
  • Comes initially with a bank of minutes which is replenishable; spend your minutes as you see fit, and replenish as needed.

  • Use your minutes as soon as your application is approved.

  • We limit the number of active Passport clients at any one time, to foster a higher level of service to subscribers.  

* 30 minutes per call or per text query minimum. Terms and conditions apply.

Application for Passport Account

We are accepting applications for Passport beginning May 2024. Watch this space, or use the button below to contact us to be notified when enrollment is again open. Applications are considered in the order they are received.