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Paradimus™ is a weekly email newsletter about current and future events, trends and critical points of knowing.

The Business of Isness

This moment in history is without question a major turning point for humankind. For many reasons, so much is happening all at the same time, and information is often at cross-currents, creating confusion, fear, and inertia.

Despite all of this, one thing is certain: individually and collectively we do have a say in shaping our future.  Every action and choice we make, however small, effects the future that is coming back into the present. Whether we know it or not, we are continually writing and rewriting our history.  In fact, it’s the main reason all of us our here at this time: to learn to work together to do exactly that for the good of humankind — in spite of ourselves and because of ourselves.


“The best vision is insight.” — Malcolm Forbes

Paradimus literally means, “we are becoming”. The name was chosen to reflect the times in which we are living.


Your private strategic playbook is delivered to your inbox every Sunday.

Paradimus delivers ongoing and continually updated detailed guidance about current events and cycles to come. For when you need more in-depth insight about your individual situation, or others,

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What if you could know:

  • What is happening now and what will likely happen next, globally and personally
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  • Intuitive strategies you can use to optimize positive trends and weather difficult cycles

Delivered every Sunday, and also at critical points of change as they happen or are about to happen.


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