Frequently Asked Questions

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Does James offer in-person consultations?

Yes, James offers in-person consultations, giving priority to his Passport clients who almost always fill his in-person schedule completely. If you would like to be notified when James is in your area, please contact us. We will gladly send you a notice in advance.

What does James mean when he refers to my "script"?

Your living script is an invisible set of if/then scenarios that you are continually creating and then recreating: both consciously and unconsciously. Most people follow their default “script” very closely. Knowing what is coming empowers you to changethe future that is coming back into your present moment — particularly your current perspective which is critical to the future you will experience up ahead. Said another way, your living script is what brings your future into the present and has a great deal to do with your life experiences. Change your perspective = change your life.

What do you mean by "the power of knowing"?

Some people have mistaken this concept as a reference to someone who has knowledge being in a position of power over other people. 

It’s exactly the opposite.

Instead, it refers to the feeling and the experience you have when you become fully aware that you have a way to transform your life experience, when you understand the reasons behind what is happening.  It’s a kind of knowing that sets you free, one that comes with an unmistakable feeling of peace and calm. 

The power of knowing is a kind of wisdom that comes with a form of “divine protection”. It doesn’t mean going in front of a firing squad and not getting killed. It means switching on your inner-wisdom that automatically warns you not to go there in the first place.

What can I expect in a consultation with James?

When you speak with James, he brings your unconscious reality into view. Images begin to move on a giant screen in his mind’s eye. When you ask your important questions, your voice moves the images forward, like an interactive holographic record of your current living script and that of those around you. Looking at the future is much like engaging the fast-forward button on your own personal spiritual archive. The “movie” is holographic in nature – some of the images are literal, and some are symbolic. James explores “what if” questions to see possible outcomes when you can ask very specific questions.

James’ insights are always straightforward, specific, and delivered at lightning speed – as if streaming into view, like an interactive movie about your life.

What can I do to prepare for a consultation with James?

The best way to prepare is to make a list of very specific questions in order of their importance to you. James has been known to answer questions before they can be asked or to include things you never thought to ask which relate.

Turning off or muting your cell phone, social media, email or computer is also important. Remember, this is time set aside, especially for you. Being in a private, quiet, comfortable place where there are no distractions is key.  James is particularly sensitive to sound. The best policy is to filter out everything but your voice.

What do you mean by "the future is creating the present", and why is this so important to understand?

Nostradamus and many prophets referred to the time we are in as a turning point. In fact, many of these prophets ended their “future predictions” at this point in time.  We believe this is because there is a huge paradigm shift taking place. No longer is it that the past creates the present creates the future (e.g, “I am this way because of my childhood”), but rather the future creates the present (i.e., “I am who I am today because of who I am becoming”). This is not to say that your past doesn’t have an effect on your life. Of course it does. Even though you cannot change the past, you can change how you let it affect you.

This shift in understanding is an opportunity to empower people to create the future they want instead of being burdened by a previous negative experience or victimization. In this alternate view of the creative process, the focus shifts to what you want your life experience to be.

What do you mean by "deep coding your life story"?

First, we have to define deep code.  PC Magazine describes it like this: “Deep code is program source code that contains proprietary algorithms that typically took years to develop. For example, scientific and voice recognition applications. Deep code is very esoteric and not run-of-the-mill business logic.”

Deep-coding your life story is essentially programming your life story, i.e., “re-writing” it to be what you want it to be, and as a life-long process.  This involves, among other tools, ritual, alchemy, symbolism, and psychology.

What is intuitive strategy?

Strategic intuition – sometimes used interchangeably with intuitive strategy – has different meanings, depending upon whom you ask, often with origins in neuroscience. There are those who distinguish between heart-centric strategic intuition and mind-centric strategic intuition. We believe you need both for the full transformative effect, and our use of the term “intuitive strategy” is intended to include both.

Strategic intuition is an unmistakable clear thought, and it always comes in flashes (though it formulates sometimes for a long time underneath the surface): sudden, inspired, a-ha moments that break the log jam and propel you forward. It has been said that J.K. Rowling saw the entire Harry Potter and Hogwarts story in an instant while riding on a train. Edison tried over 200 filaments, before he discovered tungsten, to bring about the first workable electric lightbulb. Undoubtedly, he was driven by a vision that kept him going, i.e., he just “knew” he was onto something. Intuitive strategy was at work in both of these situations. 

How exactly does strategic intuition apply to a consultation with James?

Intuitive strategy, as we use it in consultation, is an invisible process that flows quickly and involves looking at a series of alternative future possibilities, sort of like playing chess with your future life and looking at what-if scenarios to determine the best possible path forward. Intuitive strategy is both about what is and what is possible. James then helps the client see how to make changes to bring about the future they want, rather than the one that is streaming back into the moment from a distant future place and time by default.

What is your Passport offering?

Passport is our most popular and convenient service at our most affordable rates; designed for callers who want direct priority access: usually on the same day and often within the hour.