The future is creating the present.

As an intuitive strategist, a modern clairvoyant, and a systems thinker, James encourages his clients to take the long view, one in which the future is creating the present, rather than the other way around. Imagine this: you are who you are today because of the person you are becoming, rather than based upon what happened before. Now your focus can be the life you want to create, instead of something that no longer exists and therefore cannot be changed. 

Utilizing his considerable storytelling skills, James turns the process on its head, empowering his clients to see the future they are creating, and then how to redesign their life path to create the future they want, ultimately bringing it home and into the present moment.

Imagine your life as a screenplay. What if you could read the next 100 pages?

James does not believe the future is fixed or carved in stone. Instead, James believes everyone has a living script: an invisible set of scenarios that compel the future; once you become conscious of them, they can be changed, thereby rewriting your future and with it your entire life story. 

In a private consultation, James assesses your personal situation and the issues involved and provides you with an insight into your personal script, as well as that of others who may be involved. 

James’ insights are always straightforward, specific, and delivered at lightning speed as if streaming into view, like an interactive movie about your life.

James’ long-term clients especially appreciate his presentation style. Although during a consultation James is continually gathering and assimilating information from and about his clients, he shares his insights with a comfortable conversational style, fostering a safe environment. 

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